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Cocktail Party Packages

Prices below are based on a 25-person minimum, for less than 25 add $2.50 per person. When you add paper products and dessert or fruit to any package, Jay’s will provide at no additional  charge: assorted can sodas and bottled water.  Just ask for the Big Deal.

Upgraded serving, tableware and beverage options are available. Just ask.

  • $10.95Per Person

    Jay’s Favorite Selection

    Cheese, Fruit & Vegetable display Chicken Drumettes Mini kosher hotdog in puff pastry Vegetable Cocktail Springrolls Meatballs in tomato sauce…...

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  • $12.95 Per Person

    Charles Street Assortment

    Sliced Fruit tray Veggies and Dip Mac’nCheez Bites 7 Layer Dip & tricolor chips Maui Shrimp Eggrolls Veggie Quesadilla $12.95…...

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  • $17.95 Per Person

    Chesapeake Assortment

    Maryland Crab Dip Shrimp Cocktail Crab balls Chicken Fritters Mac’nCheez Bites Asparagus Asiago Phyllo $17.95 per person (two of each…...

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  • $14.95 Per Person

    Perfect Party Assortment

    Antipasto Platter California Rolls Coconut Shrimp Beef Wellington Lobster Cobbler French Onion Boule $14.95 per person(two of each per person)...

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  • $13.50Per Person

    Far East Favorites

    Fried Shrimp dumplings Steamed Veggie Potstickers Teriyaki Chicken drumettes Vegetable Cocktail Springrolls Coconut ShrimpMaki rolls Steamed Edamame $13.50 per person(two…...

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  • $10.95Per Person


    Hummus and Pita Stuffed grape leaves Assorted Olives Falafel and Tahini Grilled Veggies $10.95 per person...

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