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  • Dessert Trays

    Assorted Dessert Trays 1 per person $4.95 Mini French Pastries 2 per person $4.95 Assortment of Dessert Bars $3.25 Sliced…...

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  • Fresh Fruit

    Jay’s sources locally in season and imports fruit from all over the world, so the full line of fruits and…...

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  • $2.00 Per Person

    Cookie Trays

    Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cranberry Raisin Dark Chocolate Sugar $2.00 per person...

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  • $3.50Per Person<

    Gourmet Cookies

    Chocolate Tops Macaroons Extra Large Cookies Cowboy Cookies $3.50 per person  

  • $7.95Per Person

    Traditional Ice-Cream Social

    Name brand ice cream like Breyer’s or Edy’s served with: Hershey’s syrup Caramel sauce Sprinkles Fruit topping Nut topping Whipped…...

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  • $10.95Per Person

    Premium Ice-Cream Social

    Premium ice cream like HaagenDazs or Ben & Jerry’s served with: Hot fudge Caramel sauce Fresh berries Whipped Cream Nut…...

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